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Business Memberships

Why be a business member of The TEnderle Foundation?

Business Memberships are the lifeblood of The TEnderle Foundation's work. And of course they are tax deductible donations that will support vital community causes.
Business Memberships help the causes in a second, innovative way. You have access to our vPerks™ program which rewards Volunteers for doing great work, and can make new customers of these Volunteers. Win-Win-Win = Local Causes-Volunteers-Local Business.

Local Business Membership(LBM): For businesses with three (3) or less locations in a community.
Regional Business Membership(RBM): For businesses with four (4) to ten (10) locations in a region.
National Business Membership(NBM): multi-region or multi-state operations.


LBM: $50 per event or $120 annual membership - one (1) vPerk™ promotion per month (additional promotions can be added for a low rate).
RBM: $75 per event or $240 annual membership - three (3) vPerk™ promotions per month (additional promotions can be added for a low rate).
NBM: negotiated rates based upon objectives (IE: number of cities, events, frequency per month)
All memberships can be paid in a single payment, or equal payments per month for 12 months.

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